Real-time visibility into your fleet

Our GPS vehicle tracking solution consists of quickly installed hardware and intuitive software that provides real-time data on your fleet's location and performance.

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Real-Time GPS Tracking

Fleetseekr provides instant access to vehicle fleet locations and performance via real-time GPS with zero delays.

With a range of mapping options, such as road maps and satellite imagery, you have the flexibility to select the most suitable visualization ensuring that your vehicles are always on the optimal route.

Instant Notifications

Fleetseekr ensures prompt notifications through various channels, including push notifications, emails, and more.

These robust features empower the software to promptly alert users about instances of aggressive driving, fuel level fluctuations, maintenance requirements, geo-fence violations, and a wide range of other alert types.

Comprehensive Reports

Fleetseekr presents a range of comprehensive reports, including location history, trip, chart, and summary reports.

These reports are conveniently accessible through the web and can be exported as Excel files for further analysis.

Versatile Web Solution

Fleetseekr presents a sleek and all-encompassing web interface designed to seamlessly adapt to desktop and mobile devices.

Fuel Control

Reduce fuel consumption and prevent fraud to improve your fleet's efficiency and save costs

Driver Monitoring

Monitor driver behavior, such as speeding and reckless driving to improve safety and reduce accidents.

Customizable Reporting

Create customized reports to track the metrics that matter most to your business, such as driver performance.

Vehicle Security

Protect your fleet from theft with real-time alerts and GPS tracking.


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